Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Body is a Temple

Lyle Tuttle crafted his art;
A fish on my back, embossed…
Years later this body, my temple
Is akin to a bombed out mosque.

A lasting statement of my youth,
The tattoo once made me unique…
Now fish gasp for air at the surface,
The Koi pond has sprung a leak.

Unlike an ancestor’s painting,
That remains on the estate’s wall…
Mr. Tuttle’s art gets buried!
The collector keeps it all.


  1. Shouldn't "collector" be capitalized? (God?)


  2. Except for the unbeliever the worm is the collector. I wonder why unbelievers don't capitalize "worm." For unbelievers, the Sperm is the Alpha and the Worm is the Omega. You could write a poem about that.