Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Man

Historically when life’s unfair,
Men bury their heads in the sand…
Yet every year we owe a debt,
To the courage of just one man.

This man may challenge an armored tank
Standing alone in Tiananmen Square…
Or single handedly halt a train,
In support of unions everywhere.

He may be the man who threw himself
On the exploding hand grenade…
Or the dreamer armed with ideas;
A million starving people saved.

Each of these men are Superman,
Insuring the apathetic have a choice…
Each made the world a better place,
The only tool, their courageous voice.

I know who you are and I thank you,
You took a stand and spoke for me...
We cowards again wait for Superman
Insuring our lives are free.

Photo: Seattle PI Re: Scab labor grain shipments

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