Saturday, October 15, 2011


We all must cross the desert
Either by foot or on a camel…
Completing our final destination,
Swathed in gravel or soft flannel.

(I honestly don’t know where to file,
The million photos inside my head…
Grammar school, jobs, stray dogs and weeds,
Both in my own and the flower bed.

My music lives on with my iPod,
All experiences both happy and sad…
Are gathered along with my poems and thoughts,
Uploaded and synced to my iPad.

I celebrated my life each day,
The ruling king of my own dynasty…
Shackled to earth with my fellow man,
Dreams, the wings that set us free.)

Every second, of every hour,
Another cell in our scheme does die,
We think less of the dirt we trod,
Focusing sights upward toward the sky.

Our lives, a beautiful span of time,
Fond memories; a mind filling feast…
We pack our bags, the boats await,
Leaving the west, for our journey east.

We don’t need the servants or the guides,
There is no fearing the crocodiles,
Following the path from memories
As Pharaohs we’ve walked these miles.

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