Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everything and Nothing

Otis left on his walk today
As large as the whole outside…
Picking up the scent of something,
Shifting into his quickest stride.

The man he thought was hiding,
Was a branch that had fallen down,
The rabbit he chased in the orchard,
Turned to an apple on the ground.

The butterfly he bit, then spit;
A dandelion in the breeze.
The car crash he heard behind him,
Was me, caught in a sneeze.

He barked at a honking heron,
Leapt up towards a flying crow
Then poked his head in a thorny hedge
Where other animals would not go.

The greatest battle won that day,
Was conquering a floating leaf…
After leering at a well trained dog
He judged with disgust and disbelief.

Tired of chasing nothing,
He finally pulled a lucky card…
Watching a tractor dig a hole
In the next door neighbor’s yard.

When Otis’ morning walk had ended,
He was certain of just one thing…
It was a very exciting morning,
Discovering nothing, and everything!

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  1. This is a great picture and a really good poem.