Monday, October 24, 2011

I Am a Middle Schooler

I am a teenager in the 7th grade,
I’m independent, unique, my self
I achieve my individuality by
Trying to look like everyone else.

I blush at every fart joke,
I am an authority on sex…
Melon seeds cause pregnancy,
My stink eye is a hex!

Thirteen year old, six foot girls,
Press four foot boys into a locker,
Forcing one last stolen kiss,
Before kicking their ass in soccer.

The “skanks” most teased and spit on,
By the guys they loved to hate,
Become the high school cheerleaders,
Those same losers hope to date.

Smart girls who could be doctors,
Discovered sexy was acting dumb…
All found soul mates by graduation,
Drunk together, and comfortably numb.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious!! How true. I found my soul mate before graduation. I knew about the melon seeds too. I wore my Dad's white dress shirt, it drug my tracks out, but I was really Marv. I think that was our word of the day.