Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deer Whidbey

Time Reinvents the Past

I slipped tonight, I’m tumbling,
Into depression’s great abyss…
Pushed deeper by euphoria’s felt,
Days I have lost and truly miss.

So strange it is, my worst days,
Back when poverty was mine,
Reinvent themselves as memories,
Appearing great in the lapse of time.

Old fears, now celebrations,
Sad fates, a grand surprise…
Every loss of a life I’d touched,
Still a fatal fire in my eyes.

A survivor still at sixty years,
Life on my terms, at any cost…
Pain the mortar in my wall,
Each brick a cherished loss.

Love seemed to be the concubine,
Of both usury and betrayal,
I cast my list of lover’s names
Overboard, upped anchor and set sail.

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