Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Body Knows

Faster they drive, in greater numbers
Past my house both day and night.
They used to wonder who lives here,
In this old house on a cliff by the water.
No one knows.

Tailgating, speeding they seem to fly,
Much too quickly to notice or wonder,
Who lives here, in this old house
On the cliff by the water, in their smog.
No one knows.

Rushing to appointments, cell phones ring,
No one knows this house is still here,
Year after year time takes it toll,
On the house on the cliff by the water.
No one knows.

The cars an endless blurred ribbon of motion,
No longer slow for coyotes or pheasants,
Who like the deer no longer visit at night.
This house on the cliff by the water.
No one knows.

Upstairs near a window I watch you nobodies
Driving by so fast and so unaware,
Tightly I hold my dog and we cuddle closely,
As we try to not let change slip between us.
No one knows., except me…It is ending.

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