Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water on the Moon

Entering this life in the 1930’s
World Wars filled her questioning youth.
Not worried about being a popular girl,
Hildred strived for change through truth.

A single mother (two sons), and a teacher,
She taught the good life, and fairness for all,
Followed her retirement dream by moving;
Boston, beckoned, the peace activist’s call.

Hildred wore a political button each day,
Not to advertise her own points of view;
Rather she hoped to expose all humanity,
To thoughts and discoveries brand new.

On Monday evening, at five P.M.,
Hildred, slipped the boundaries of her room…
While the newsman announced to all mankind
NASA’s found water on the moon.

Dedicated to Hildred Cyr d. 10-26-09


  1. This is lovely, Mike. Thanks for posting it. I visited Hildred every week while she was at Careage as her pastor and loved her very much.

  2. Well thank you and you certainly meant a lot to Hildred. I remember a few months ago, I caught her in tears and asked her what was wrong. She had her heart set on going to a group your church had to discuss Archy and Mehitabel and the Dr's told her she could not go. I told her it was one of my favorite books, especially the Lesson of the Moth. She was in shock that I had even heard of the book, and we had a great talk. I was proud to have surprised her as she had me so many times. Thanks again.. Mike

  3. Thanks for writing this poem Mike. I am Hildred's son and just stumbled across this. How is that you knew Mom?


  4. Hi, you and I met at the Mad Crab the Thanksgiving before last. I worked with persons with disabilities and had a client at Careage, and your mom and I became quick friends. We were kindred spirits right down to Archie and Mehetabel and Obama. I was also a retired teacher and your mom could sense I was one of the faculty she would have spoken to. Her passing was a huge loss for me, so I can only imagine the loss for you and your brother. If you noticed in her things, a small box full of tiny Hershey bars, she saved these from meals the last two weeks, and had me or a nurse hide them in that box in her night stand and cover them up. It was your Christmas gift she said, as she couldn't get out and get you anything else. I am so glad you found the poem. Such a minor tribute for a great woman.