Monday, November 16, 2009


I made an offer on a house
In the canyon, by Bixby Creek Bridge
A twenty mile view of the Big Sur coast
Burl counters, but it had no fridge.

Geologists said I’d be victim;
A fatality to West Coast erosion.
Twenty years later, the house still stands
Epicenter of the land cost explosion.

A million dollar equity now,
Would I ever have stopped to write?
It was the Whidbey Island night storms
That raised my pen up, towards the night.

I wished I had made other decisions,
Listen to me now and quote…
“If I had followed more of my dreams back then,
I wouldn’t have thought, what I wrote.”

I made on offer in the Big Sur Trust,
Protected views, no future could spoil it.
It was a most incredible house of glass,
Serene solitude, yet with no toilet.

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